Let’s discuss that incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story cameo!

Solo: A Star Wars Story -- 3 things you should know going in
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Learn additional and I am unable to assure you will not be hobbled by a fantastically good spoiler, stopping you from making the Kessel Run in lower than 12 parsecs.

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!

On the finish of Solo: A Star Wars story, it is revealed Emilia Clarke‘s Qi’ra has been involved with fan favourite Star Wars villain, Darth Maul, performed as soon as once more by Ray Park. When you’ve solely adopted the Star Wars motion pictures, your final reminiscence of Darth Maul was seeing him fall to his obvious demise after being sliced in two by Obi-Wan Kenobi on the finish of Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!

Nevertheless, for those who’ve watched the Star Wars: The Clone Wars sequence, you’d know Darth Maul survived his combat with Obi-Wan. You’d additionally know he now has robotic steel legs. We now have an much more in-depth explanation on where Maul has been and what it means for future Star Wars movies here. Actor Sam Witwer is voicing Maul in Solo, who additionally offered the character’s voice on The Clone Wars present. (FYI on the timeline, which can admittedly get confusing: The Clone Wars sequence takes place between Episode 2: Assault of the Clones and Episode three: Revenge of the Sith. Solo: A Star Wars Story takes place a while after Episode three, however earlier than Episode four: A New Hope.)

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!

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The worst issues about Solo: A Star Wars Story

Let's Discuss That Incredible Solo: A Star Wars Story Cameo!


So what is going on on right here?

There’s no less than a three-year hole between after we first see Qi’ra firstly of Solo and after we and Han meet up with her later within the movie. Initially of the movie, each Qi’ra and Han are introduced as younger, shiny eyed and hopeful, regardless of their not-too-favorable state of affairs as slaves to native gangsters. After she and Han reconnect on the yacht of Dryden Vos, the gangster performed by Paul Bettany, it is hinted that within the time since he’d final noticed her, she’s modified. In what method? Properly, we’re informed that she she’s completed issues Han would not perceive.

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Thanks, Q’ira. Your little secret kinda made the film for me. 

Lucasfilm Ltd.

At one level in the course of the movie, we get a glimpse of simply how way more succesful she’s grow to be. We see her take down a guard utilizing some type of hand-to-hand fight, however the scene is deliberately obstructed by a door, so we do not actually see how she does it. She mentions she’s discovered a little bit of Teras Kasi from Vos. Teras Kasi is a type of hand-to-hand fight that exists within the Star Wars universe. If it sounds acquainted, however you possibly can’t place it, you’ve got most likely heard about it from this 1997 PlayStation sport, Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi. Admittedly, I would utterly forgotten Teras Kasi was a factor till this second within the movie.

Nevertheless, it isn’t till the top of the film that we really get to see Qi’ra in motion as she fights and fairly handily takes Vos out utilizing some spectacular hand-to-hand fight expertise. Afterward, we see her contact a hooded determine with a voice acquainted to anybody who’s watched Clone Wars. The determine revealed as Darth Maul.

Severely although, how’d she be taught to combat like that?

This is what I believe the story is. Darth Maul has been coaching Qi’ra as his apprentice and has taught her Teras Kasi. (OK, about to briefly get deep within the nerdom weeds right here): Within the Star Wars Legends universe, which refers to books, comics and video video games Lucasfilm doesn’t acknowledge as canon, Maul was a practitioner of Teras Kasi, and whereas within the movie it isn’t explicitly said that he has something to do with the martial artwork, it may well simply be assumed he handed on his expertise to Qi’ra.

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As Star Wars names go, Dryden Vos is okay. It is superb. 

Jonathan Olley

What now?

I was entertained by Solo, but it surely did not depart me with any nice want to see it once more anytime quickly. Except for just a few cool moments, I simply wasn’t invested within the story the best way I usually am with Star Wars movies. Nevertheless, the Qi’ra reveal and Darth Maul look was an enormous shock for me and for positive was my favourite second within the movie.

I do not actually care what occurs subsequent with Han or Lando, however I am unable to wait to see the place they take Qi’ra’s character. She proved herself fairly the combatant and a possible feminine Sith (if certainly that is what’s she’s in coaching to be) is not one thing we have seen on the massive display screen earlier than. Additionally, it is simply so thrilling to have Darth Maul again on the massive display screen. His combat with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn in The Phantom Menace continues to be one among my favourite lightsaber battles ever. Hopefully we do not have to attend too lengthy to seek out out what occurs subsequent.

First revealed Could 25 at 1:30 a.m. PT.
Replace Could 26 at eight:13 a.m. PT: Provides hyperlink to our in-depth rationalization on who’s Maul and the place he has been.

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